• Technical jargon can make pitches “superfluous” and “convoluted.” — see what I did there?
  • For video calls or in-person meetings, facial expressions and body language indicate the level of interest in your company. Having your pitch summarised back to you works in other instances

Day 1— June 17, 2019

How I became a tech sis in Fashola’s Lagos

  • I had a serious face when they saw me in passing, therefore I must be unfriendly.
  • They never saw me at crowded events, therefore I must be antisocial.
  • I am ~6’1" when the global height average for women is 5’4", therefore I must be intimidating or unapproachable.
  • I frequently posted…

When do you leave for work?

Ife Ojobanikan

Aka: Tech sis. Investment Associate @Microtraction. Also writes about startups, early-stage investments and (financial) technology.

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